Happy Wedne…Ooops, I mean Thursday!

Grove City, OH

So typically I blog on Wednesdays, and since I forgot to do so yesterday (Oops!), a Thursday blog it is!

Today I have very exciting news to share. Two weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to a 5D Mark III. Ah! I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to like it or think it wasn’t worth the money. The camera arrived last week and on Monday I finally got to take it out and see what it could do. Oh my gosh you guys. I am in LOVE! I was so happy with my purchase and so excited that I now get to use it. I will say it certainly helped having my sister model for me so I could test it. You guys, this girl can work the camera. We had such a fun time exploring the new Scioto Grove Metro Park in Grove City.

Here are some of the images from our night. Can’t wait to capture more.

2016-08-24_0001 2016-08-24_0002 2016-08-24_0003 2016-08-24_0004 2016-08-24_0005 2016-08-24_0006 2016-08-24_0007 2016-08-24_0008 2016-08-24_0009 2016-08-24_0010 2016-08-24_0011 2016-08-24_0012 2016-08-24_0013 2016-08-24_0014 2016-08-24_0015 2016-08-24_0016 2016-08-24_0017 2016-08-24_0018 2016-08-24_0019 2016-08-24_0020 2016-08-24_0021 2016-08-24_0022 2016-08-24_0023 2016-08-24_0024 2016-08-24_0025