Dixon Birth Session

09.07.16 | Columbus, OH

Happy Wednesday everyone! I was asked to do a birth session for our very good friends Michael and Rachel. With their permission I get to share this very special day with you all.



Last week I had the honor of photographing something I don’t get to very often, the birth of a child. When Michael and Rachel had asked me if I could be their birth photographer I was so excited. If you have seen a baby being born you know just how miraculous this event is. Something that was very special about this birth was Rachel wanted to do it naturally. No pain medication. None. I was so looking forward to this and we all were patiently waiting for the arrival of their baby girl.

Rachel’s due date was August 30th. After no signs of major progress they had planned for her to be induced September 7th. Each day leading up to the induction date we all just kept praying that Kimora would decide to make her big entrance. On September 6th Michael and Rachel celebrated their one year anniversary. It was looking like the induction was going to have to happen after all even though Rachel had prayed for a natural childbirth. Well around 11:30pm that night Rachel began to have consistent contractions. Michael called me around 12:40am and said it was time to head over to their house. YAY!!! Rachel wanted to labor at home for as long as possible. When I got to their house she was already having contractions that were 3 minutes apart. She decided to soak in the bath for a bit to help, then bounced on a ball, then around 3am we packed up and headed to the hospital.

We got to the hospital, she got checked in, then it was time for us to wait. During this time my heart was overcome with so many emotions as I watched Michael support his wife while she labored for hours to bring their baby girl into this world. That was what love looked like. As hours passed Rachel began having to really concentrate and push past the pain. Let me tell you guys, this woman was a champ! I have never seen such dedication and strength. She deserves the title “Super Woman”. Around 10:00am Rachel began the final stretch of her labor. It was now time for her to push. Push after push, Michael continued to cheer Rachel on and give her support she needed. After 90 minutes of intense pushing there she was. All of the work, all of the patience, had finally paid off. Little Kimora Joy was here and with a head full of hair! Ah!!!! As soon as they had her out they immediately placed her on Rachel’s chest. The joy that filled Rachel’s face was so beautiful, and once Kimora let out her first cry Michael began to sob like a baby. Makes it hard to take photos when you are also crying mess. Rachel did it, she didn’t have to be induced and didn’t have any pain medication.

Thank you Michael and Rachel for allowing me to capture this beautiful day of yours. It was truly an honor and I was forever changed by it.

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