Christmas Mini Sessions | Columbus, Ohio


Christmas time has always been one of my favorites. Even when I was little, as soon as November 1st would arrive, the joy and anticipation for the big day began. Not to mention my birthday is on Christmas! That’s right, I’m a Christmas baby! Maybe that’s why I have such a strong feeling about this season. I just love decorating the house, listening to Christmas music, baking Christmas cookies with my family, watching White Christmas over and over again. Sigh, Christmas is the best. 

Now that it is officially December I have broken out our tree, the Christmas decor, Christmas music and movies! So today, in honor of the month of December my blog is dedicated to all of my Christmas mini sessions I did a couple weeks ago. You guys, get ready for some Christmas joy! I had a such a great with all of these families.

Also one of my photos from this session was featured on Shutterfly’s Christmas photo ideas post! Check it out

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